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This app allows a business to promote itself across social media platforms quickly & easily

Mobile-first web store & ad builder with AI helps businesses sell online from their phones

Zeely placed among the top 3
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Zeely helped 8,000 businesses sell online from their phones to generate new revenue

This app allows you to promote a business online without coding or UI/UX design skills

Zeely was previously included in Forbes’s 30 under 30 list of young leaders in Europe

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How can Zeely help my business?

Zeely uses AI to transform your advertising efforts. You'll have access to features such as AI-generated creative content, online ads for Facebook and Instagram, and performance tracking. This gives you a full set of tools to increase your sales. Our AI forecasts how different templates will perform and runs A/B testing to find the best results. Plus, it offers insights aimed at growth, simplifying the process of starting and expanding your online presence.

Can I launch online ads on social media through Zeely?

Zeely simplifies promotion by enabling you to launch ads directly from the app. You can launch your campaign on Facebook or Instagram with a single click and then track your sales performance in real-time, thanks to our insightful analytics that monitor and predict the success of your ads.

Can Zeely improve my existing online advertising?

Absolutely! With Zeely, diversifying your advertising strategy is simple and effective. Our AI does the heavy lifting by setting up targeted campaigns based on your product and audience. It allows you to seamlessly integrate and manage new advertising channels, improving your presence on platforms like Facebook and Instagram.

Can I see real-time insights with Zeely?

Yes, Zeely provides real-time insights into your campaigns' performance. Our AI tracks the effectiveness of your creatives, performing A/B tests to determine the most successful ads. These insights are shared with you, offering actionable data that contributes to your growth. With Zeely, you have the information you need to make informed decisions quickly and efficiently.

How soon will I see results from using Zeely's AI-driven tools?

Experience the full power of Zeely's AI tools with a 7-day free trial. Afterwards, continue to transform your sales and marketing from just $19.99 per month. It's an investment in cutting-edge technology designed to maximize your ROI.

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