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Did not work on my iPhone 13

This app did not work on my iPhone 13. I had issues typing the selections for the advertisements and issues with adding payment systems whereby the app got frozen so in fact, I was never able to use it. Perhaps this new version is more suited to the latest iPhone, and mine is just outdated. So I asked for a refund and may try again when my iPhone is updated I also found that on the descriptions for the products you were limited to a few characters with sounded very strange, and there was no option to have ChatGPT come up with a description there’s also no export to eBay another market places this app rely solely on advertisements on Facebook and to get clients and your own social media not work. It doesn’t take markets like eBay, Etsy and Facebook marketplace where client skin organically find you It also seems to concentrate more on landing pages I believe is the best way to attract clients. I was excited about the was disappointed that I couldn’t use it on, and I ask for my money back only had paid the day before. Also, I was never given the seven day no what happened to that?